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Workplace Well-being

Social and holistic well-being programs

On average we spend 1800 hours yearly working

Mental and physical well-being within the workplace is one of the most important aspects of life. Yet, there are hardly any organisations that cater specifically to these needs.


That is why we are happy to offer all of these services to organisations and people, such as; guided meditation, cooking for well-being, etc. All created and delivered by industry professionals. This work is done both thanks to funding and by engagement with clients. If you want us to help your workers and create an office space that is radiated with well-being, then we will be more than happy to assist you. 

Our cooking for well-being program, they are two women holding a bowl with food.

Cooking for well-being

This program equipped the women with various strategies: Using empowerment through healthy cooking, self-care techniques with the body and mind, awareness of healthy foods as well-being care for themselves and their community, creativity and anti-stress techniques while cooking and continuous improvement of their lives with knowledge and positive thinking about themselves.

Program contracted for ALAC inc. for ALAC INC (Aotearoa Latin American Community)

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