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Cooking for Well-being



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Program overview

This program equipped the women with various strategies: Using empowerment through healthy cooking, self-care techniques with the body and mind, awareness of healthy foods as well-being care for themselves and their community, creativity and anti-stress techniques while cooking and continuous improvement of their lives with knowledge and positive thinking about themselves.

There was a total of 11 immigrant women from Auckland who participated in The Cooking for Well-being program. Each participant had been left feeling vulnerable due to the on-going pandemic and with no nearby family to lean towards for care and support.

In the United States, there are therapies expressly implemented by mental health professionals that promote cooking courses and activities designed for patients with different problems. This activity helps fight depression and is an effective method against stress and anxiety. The Cooking for Well-being program has put these theories into practice. The program was accompanied and facilitated by a certified social worker that actively participated with the group of women.


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