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Education for Underage
Students in New Zealand

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The New Zealand educational system has become in recent years one of the most advanced in the world. Located at the top of the PISA report (Programme for International Student Assessment), it is an example of cultural integration for its effort to recover and preserve the Maori culture, and of innovation for its promotion of pedagogical flexibility and creativity.

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The program takes place in one of the most prestigious English schools in New Zealand, and is accompanied by activities from Monday to Friday in the afternoons.


The students will be with local homestay families, and they will have a youth leadership program to make sure the experience is educational, fun, and safe.

Programa overview

The duration of the program is from 3 to 4 weeks and includes:

  • Weekly English classes at NZLC (New Zealand Language Centres)

  • Homestay with a local family

  • After-class activities from Monday to Friday

  • Youth Leadership Program

  • Personalized care from Abroad Global Charitable trust

  • Immersion in two languages

  • Pastoral care for underage students

Youth Leadership Program 

Our exclusive Youth Leadership Program is designed to enable students to develop essential 21st-century skills.

Additional skills are developed through weekly student-centred projects. Youth have authentic opportunities to communicate, research a problem, provide a solution, and publicly present what they have learned. Students then evaluate and reflect on the process, identifying what they have learned and what more they could do to improve.

Reception of the NZLC

New Zealand Language Centres

They have won the award for the best language school in the entire southern hemisphere for 5 consecutive years, according to the Star Study magazine awards. They currently have over 30 years of experience and work according to the latest teaching methods in the ESL industry.

The school's student services team, together with the Abroad Global Charitable Trust team, will work together to take care of all students, ensuring every detail to make it a safe and welcoming environment.

Watch the video of the Chilean students that came to New Zealand and went through the program. Listen to their testimonies and opinions about the experience.

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