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Learning and Development

Supporting our communities

The Latin American, migrant, and refugee communities are in great need of programs designed specifically to their needs and delivered by culturally sensitive people. That is why we have decided to focus on helping them by obtaining, creating, and delivering programs that cater to their needs. This is something that we have been able to do with great success with such programs as; Cooking for Well-being, Sustainable Basic Gardening Program, and Developing Vocational Opportunities.


We have seen that these programmes greatly help the community and have helped them grow and learn. Not only have these people bettered themselves, but also they have enacted a more significant change within their communities.

our vocational opportunities program. Room with 12 persons surrounding a table.

Developing Vocational Opportunities

Developing Vocational Opportunities Programme has been put together by The Travelling Sewing Box and Abroad Global Charitable Trust to empower and up-skill migrant women with the intention to create vocational opportunities and financial independence.

Program contracted for ALAC inc. for ALAC INC (Aotearoa Latin American Community)

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