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(Eng) We finished the first term of integral English of the year 2023!

8 May 2023

Collaborative and engaging classes explicitly designed with the student in mind. Learn the basics to be able to live and work in an English-speaking country.

Living in a country where they don't speak the language is complicated and it can lead to stressful or unsafe situations. Imagine going to the doctor and not being able to explain the pain you are experiencing. We understand the difficulties that language barriers create for people. With that concern in mind, we created the Integral English program.

The course is aimed towards applicants who have successfully initiated and completed the CNZL - Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde Latin America (Overseas Latin American Work Program). A program aimed at finding overseas applicants that want to work in the construction industry within New Zealand (for more information regarding this program, click the following link: The course objective is to improve the English level of the participants. Allowing them to interact with their social and work environment with confidence. 

What is integral English? That is the name we gave to the course methodology. Rather than focusing on grammar and complex vocabulary the courses focused on the construction industry within New Zealand, trades/tradie culture, New Zealand slang, common conversation/dialogues, and day-in-the-life scenarios, etc.  This method teaches students the key components of the language allowing them to speak the language.

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