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Construction Work Programs

For Latin American professionals

Seeking to solve the labour deficit that New Zealand currently faces, Abroad Global implemented a pioneering program in the country. The program facilitates the access to be considered for an industry in need of skilled workers looking for a short-term life experience and industry emergence. 

What to know more about and how to apply? 


Abroad Global Charitable Trust is a partner to Latin American organizations that promotes the internationalization of work experience and study overseas in industries like construction, healthcare, and education in countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada with a focus on worker wellbeing and adaptability in an international setting.

Who is this program aim to?

Experienced construction professionals with a desire to live in another country.  The programme is currently open in Chile for people certified in construction by ChileValora.


Industrial Assembly


Abroad Global Charitable Trust works directly with independent organizations linked to their respective governments to provide a supporting platform for all participants to apply for the program (students graduating and experienced professionals), understanding the guidelines and information provided and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to achieve a positive outcome for the individuals involved and the industries that set to benefit from the transferability of skills and experience.

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