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Internships Programs

For Latin American construction students 

Seeking to help the professional growth and opportunities of Latin American students, we developed an international internship program. For students who want to broaden their horizons, learn new skills, and improve their English skills. 


The program coordinates everything necessary for the students to develop their maximum potential in the country. From accommodation, accompaniment, and placement at work, among some points. 

Worker from builhub looking at a construction site.

Currently, Abroad Global Charitable Trust works directly with the New Zealand government and other organisations in the country, including Buildhub, a company that has been growing in recent years and has created important agreements in the industry to offer different internship opportunities for students in Latin America.

Who can apply?

The internship program is aimed at Latin American students that are currently studying for a career in the construction sector.


Industrial Assembly


Program Overview

General Objectives: 

• An Internship of minimun 3 months.

• Work in one of the countries with the best quality of life in the world.

• Get work experience abroad.

• Establish yourself in a recognized company in New Zealand.

• Learn English with the Holistic teaching methodology in the construction area.

• Learn to relate to a multicultural country.

Additional Benefits:

• Pay internship.

• Migration representation from the team Abroad Global Charitable trust.

• Get certifications in different construction areas.

Additional costs covered by the student:


• Passport

• Plane ticket

• Migration costs for the visa

• Medical exams

• Translation of official documents

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