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Integral English learning programmes / Inglés Integral



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English Classes

Program overview

Collaborative and engaging classes and workshops designed to specifically with the student in mind. Kickstart your English learning experience or simply better your English language skills with us.

We’ve adopted the ALL Alternative Language Learning methodology. 'Students are considered whole beings whose emotional, cognitive and social processes are cared for throughout the learning process.'

This methodology is centered on the student - his mind, body and emotions - thus ensuring natural, accelerated and brain-friendly learning. — ALL Method®

Classes include an array of interactive activities and games that require participants to take part in. The outcome of each course is to illicit proper learning development of the English langauge. Weaving known and time tested langauge teaching methodologies together. Teaching that is different from mainstream practice.

Who is this for?

English for Spanish Speaking Immigrants

This learning programme is aimed specfically at Latin American immigrants who are new the English langauge and are adjusting to their new life in New Zealand.

Course Information

This course is open only to applicants who have successfully initiated and completed the CNZL - Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde Latin America (Overseas Latin American Work Program). A program aimed at finding overseas applicants that want to work in the construction industry witin New Zealand (for more information regarding this program, click the following link: The English course teaches a Basic English aimed at non-English speakers and complete Beginners. The course material/manual is heavily focused on the construction industry within New Zealand, trades/tradie culture, New Zealand slang, common conversation/dialogues, and day in the life scenarios, etc.

  • Class Frequency: Tuesday and Thursdays from 18:00 to 19:30 (6PM-7:30PM)

  • Class Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Quantity of students per Class: Minimum 15 students  /  Maximum 20 students

  • Terms: A total of 4 terms per year. All terms last 7 weeks and each term focuses on a new group of students.

The language used in the manual, and systematized through the exercises, include most of the grammatical structures used in spoken English. Learners are, therefore, introduced to the English language holistically in each course they take.


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