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(Eng)Transformative Experiences: How Studying Abroad Can Change Your Life

3 Apr 2023

This three to four-week exchange program offers students aged 14-17 the opportunity to study English at one of the most prestigious language schools in the Southern Hemisphere, while also participating in a variety of cultural and recreational activities. Living with a certified local host family, students gain first-hand experience of the Kiwi culture and language, while developing independence and leadership skills through workshops and activities.

Living in a Globalized world where connections are becoming more and more instant, it's important to learn to live and appreciate this new multicultural context. Internships abroad, both for students and adults, have proven to have a positive impact on individuals. Leaving one's home country and living in a different culture, whether for a short or long time, allows for the development of a more advanced cultural awareness and sensitivity.

These experiences also facilitate the development of the English language and new emotional tools for navigating this new context. The development of these skills and new ways of interacting with culture are becoming increasingly necessary for personal and professional growth.

That's why Abroad Global Charitable Trust has developed various study programs in New Zealand for students, teachers, and professionals. New Zealand's bicultural model and the diverse cultures that reside there offer a unique learning context. The New Zealand education system has become one of the most advanced in the world in recent years. It is placed high in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) rankings. This is an example of cultural integration because of its efforts to recover and preserve the Maori culture, and innovation through its promotion of pedagogical flexibility and creativity.

One of the programs offered by Abroad Global Charitable Trust is Young Learners, a three to four-week exchange program in Auckland, New Zealand for groups of students aged 14-17. The program consists of English classes at one of the most prestigious language schools in the southern hemisphere, accompanied by activities on weekdays during the afternoons or mornings.

The program includes English classes from Monday to Friday at the NZLC language school (New Zealand Language training). This school has won the award for the best language school in the entire southern hemisphere for five consecutive years, according to the STAR STUDY MAGAZINE awards. With over 30 years of experience, they work according to the latest ESL (English for a Second Language) teaching methods. Their didactic methods and innovative material make the learning experience unique and interesting for students.

Moreover, the English language is constantly reinforced by living in a country where the main language is English. When students take the bus, go to a museum, or buy a chocolate, they have to express themselves in English.

The goal of the program is not only to study but also to experience new things that allow students to develop new skills, expand their worldview, and grow. From Monday to Friday, students will participate in activities ranging from museum visits to park outings and kayaking. Experiencing new things fosters self-awareness, especially in adolescents, which motivates them to generate new dreams and future projections.

Students stay in pairs in a certified local family's home. This allows them to experience Kiwi culture (a term referring to New Zealanders) and practice English with local families. It also helps them grow and become more independent because while the families ensure their well-being, the students are responsible for eating, keeping their space tidy, and clean.

Living in another country, even for a short time, can seem intimidating, but students will be accompanied at all times by the school, the families, and especially by Abroad Global Charitable Trust. Abroad is available 24/7 to help students with whatever they need, no matter how small. This is to create a safe and welcoming environment.

One of the exclusive benefits of the Young Learners program is leadership workshops that aim to develop key communication skills. The objective of these workshops is to train future leaders because at Abroad Global Charitable Trust, we believe that children and adolescents are our future.

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