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(Eng) From Latin America to New Zealand: Abroad Global's Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde LATAM Initiative Opens Doors for Skilled Professionals.

2 Apr 2023

Abroad Global Charitable Trust has collaborated with various Latin American organizations, municipalities, and educational institutions to promote international work experience in industries such as construction in New Zealand. The initiative, called Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde LATAM, provides skilled professionals with the opportunity to work in a foreign country, improving their skills and employment prospects. This program emphasizes accessibility, language support, and adaptability, making it an excellent opportunity to gain valuable international work experience.

Abroad Global Charitable Trust (Abroad Global) has announced a new initiative aimed at promoting international work experience in industries such as construction in New Zealand. The program, called Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde LATAM, offers skilled professionals an opportunity to enhance their skills and employment prospects in an international setting.

In collaboration with several Latin American organizations, including Chile Valora, municipalities like Pucon in Chile, and educational institutions such as DUOC UC and AIEP in Chile, Abroad Global facilitates the program. The initiative's focus is on providing participants with information, language skills support, and adaptability support to help them adjust to a new country. The program includes a migration coach who offers relevant support and guidance to participants during their period of employment in their host country. Participants are also provided with information about accommodation, living in the country, cultural norms, and regulations.

The program is ideal for those who meet the skills and experience requirements and are seeking international work experience in the construction industry. This initiative supports the New Zealand government's efforts to address skilled labor shortages in designated industries such as construction. Immigration New Zealand also supports this initiative, having recently announced a sector agreement with the construction industry that allows short-term work experience and migrant workers to work temporarily in New Zealand.

While applications to the program are currently done through allied institutions, Abroad Global plans to expand the program and provide direct application options to interested participants in the future. Overall, Abroad Global's initiative offers a fantastic opportunity for individuals seeking to gain valuable international work experience and enhance their skills and employment opportunities. The program's focus on accessibility, language support, and adaptability makes it an ideal option for anyone looking to work overseas in a new industry or country.

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