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International Initiatives

Students and Skilled Professionals

Abroad Global Charitable Trust (Abroad Global) has a relationship and collaboration agreement with Latin American organisations such as ChileValora, various municipalities like Pucon in Chile, and educational institutions like DUOC UC, AIEP (Chile) that promotes the internationalization of work experience and study overseas in industries like construction, and education in countries like New Zealand.  


This initiative is to provide an opportunity for international students to have international work experience and for skilled professionals to have a short term or temporary work experience that enhances their skills and employment opportunities after they have worked in an international setting after a period and decide to return to their countries.


Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde LATAM (CNZLATAM)

The focus of the initiative (termed the Construyendo Nueva Zelanda desde LATAM program) is to facilitate information, accessibility of language skills support and adaptability support in a new country through its key partnerships.  This includes a migration coach to ensure all participants have relevant support and someone to talk to during period of employment in their host country.  Further, the information provided to participants like soon to be graduates and skilled professionals includes items like accommodation, living in the country with its cultural norms and understanding regulations.

Participants of the program 

Benefits of participating in CNZLATAM


Work in the New Zealand construction industry (temporarily)


Learn about the New Zealand construction standar


Competitive salary rates


Grow professionally


Who is may be interested in the CNZLATAM program?

The program is suitable for those who meet the skills and experience requirements and who are looking for a short-term international work experience in their respective industries.  For the construction industry in New Zealand this program is also supportive of the initiatives the New Zealand government has taken to work with other countries, channels of communication and stakeholders to promote the fact that the country is facing skilled labour shortages in designated industries like construction.  This was supported by Immigration New Zealand with the announcement of the sector agreement with the construction industry in 2022 that allows short term work experience and migrant workers to work temporarily in New Zealand.



Abroad Global does not guarantee a migration outcome when it comes to each single participant applying for their respective visas with the immigration authorities.  This is outside the scope of the program and what Abroad Global does in its day-to-day operations as a registered charity in New Zealand.  Abroad Global neither guarantees or promises this to be a migration program because it is initiated and supported by the stakeholders involved aimed at international students and skilled professionals looking for an international work experience, and in no way does Abroad Global impose any obligation on each participant to travel to, remain, to accept an offer of employment, or stay indefinitely in the country where the person will work.  Abroad Global is not an employer, recruitment agency or government organisation that issues visas for participants of the program.  All information provided during the program is subject to changes based on economic factors, government regulations and the agreements that Abroad Global has with its exclusive partners in Latin American countries.  Abroad Global does not accept and will not be liable for any decision made by each individual participant who accepted out of their own free will an offer of employment with an accredited or regulated employer and what takes place in relation to the employment relationship with an employer.  Abroad Global does not charge any fees, receives payments or asks people to pay for the right to be provided an offer of employment to apply for a work visa.  Each participant pays for their own way to travel to and process their respective immigration processes with the governments of each destination and Abroad Global is not responsible for any possible outcomes of this process.

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